Terms of service

These are hallo.lv terms, hereinafter referred to as – terms. 
Hallo.lv is a property of Digital World ltd. registration number 40103854140, Digital World ltd. is also the maintainer and administrator of the hallo.lv portal.
When visiting hallo.lv portal or using hallo.lv information and services you confirm that you agree to comply with these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, you must stop using hallo.lv services.
1. The terms used
1.1. Visitor – a natural person who is or is not registered in hallo.lv portal;
1.2. Company - a legal person, a trader or performer of economic activity, that has registered in hallo.lv portal;
1.3. Visitor profile - natural person’s profile that contains the visitor's name, photo e-mail address, date of birth and place of residence.
1.4. Company profile - legal person's profile containing company details, contact details and information on the service places.
1.5. Service place profile – profile that contains information (contacts, photos, offers, etc.) about legal person's place of supplying service.
1.6. Company profile administrator - user with the rights to add, modify, delete any information in his/her company profile or service place profile.
1.7. User - any hallo.lv portal visitor - both natural and legal persons.
1.8. Hallo.lv - The administration of the portal hallo.lv in the person of Digital World ltd., Reg. No. 40103854140.

2. Registration in hallo.lv portal
2.1. To register as a visitor or as a company one must follow the registration procedure and fill in the application for registration, specifying only truthful information. If the specified information is false, hallo.lv has the right to delete visitor and/or company profile. 
2.2. Visitor registration
2.2.1. The visitor can register by filling in the registration form or using Facebook, Draugiem.lv, Google or Twitter account.
2.2.2. When registering for the service, visitor explicitly agrees to receive commercial messages from hallo.lv and hallo.lv registered service places to visitor's e-mail address. The visitor has the right to opt out of receiving notifications.
2.3. Company registration
2.3.1. The company can register by choosing the service place publication deadline subscription and filling in the registration form. 
2.3.2. Only the company's authorized representative is allowed to register the company in the portal.
2.3.3. If the company has been registered by an unauthorized representative, hallo.lv has the right to delete the profile with the right not to refund the subscription fee.
2.3.4. When filling in the registration form the company must indicate only the actual service categories.
2.3.5. Hallo.lv has the right to verify the specified data, if the data is not true, hallo.lv has the right to delete company profile and/or service place profile, and not to refund subscription fee.
2.3.6. When registering for the service company explicitly agrees to receive commercial messages from hallo.lv to the company's e-mail address. The company has the right to opt out of receiving notifications.

3. Visitor’s rights and obligations
3.1. The visitor has the right to follow the service locations and receive news about the service location shared promotions and coupons, as well as receive special offers.
3.2. The visitor has the right to use hallo.lv internal correspondence to request necessary information (price offers, discounts, promotions, special offers) as well as to apply for or to reconcile appointment time and to receive additional information from the place, that has been registered in hallo.lv portal.
3.3. The visitor has the right to post reviews and ratings about quality of the received service on the service location, based on personal experience, without insulting person’s dignity.
3.4. Data specified in the visitor's profile (name and other information) must be true.
3.5. The visitor is prohibited to create user accounts on behalf of other persons without their consent and/or to publish personal data of another person.
3.6 Each registered visitor of the portal shall have the obligation not to disclose to other persons his/her portal access data. If any actions are performed with a registered visitor's profile using a correct e-mail address and password in the portal, it shall be considered that the actions in the respective profile have been performed by the registered visitor himself/herself.
3.7 Hallo.lv shall be entitled to send any information, including third party advertisements, to the visitor's internal communication, by selecting the addressees by age, gender and/or residence.
3.8 Hallo.lv shall be entitled to send the information related to the visitor's profile, activities performed by the visitor in the portal, as well as other types of reminders and offers related to the activity of the portal hallo.lv to the e-mail address provided in the user's profile.
3.9 When using the internal communication of hallo.lv (by requesting an offer, requesting an offer from several service providers, sending a message to feedback authors or replying to messages) the visitor shall be prohibited to send advertising and other type of commercial information to hallo.lv  registered service sites and visitors.
3.10 Prior to accepting any offers made by the service sites or using the information placed on the portal in any other way, the visitor shall personally make sure that the information or offer is true - the offer provider is entitled for and capable of implementing it.

4. Rights and Duties of the Company
4.1 Upon purchasing hallo.lv subscription during the subscription term of validity the company shall be entitled to use all the service site advertising opportunities offered by the portal in unlimited amount.
4.2 The company shall be entitled to fill-in the service site profile from the moment of registration, and publish it after paying for the subscription.
4.3 The service site shall only be published after entering the mandatory information (name, address, e-mail, phone, picture and section "We Offer").
4.4 The company shall be entitled to attract an unlimited number of followers and send them special offers.
4.5 The company and service site profile shall be created (entering information, adding pictures and files, communicating with visitors, making offers, etc.) by the users authorised by the company and attached to the service. The company and users shall be responsible for the correctness and compliance of the entered information with the particular period of time, as well as for the compliance with the laws and regulations and generally accepted ethical requirements.
4.6 The company shall be responsible for the entire information placed by it on hallo.lv or sent to other users of the portal, as well as undertake complete liability for any consequences (including, legal) arising as a result of placing or sending such information.
4.7 The company shall undertake to prepare as much unique information as possible for placing it on the service site profile.
4.8 The company is aware that the offer provider shall be responsible for the offers made, and if an offer has been made by a third party attached to the company and maintaining the company and service site profile – the company itself shall be responsible for the made offer.
4.9 The company shall be authorized to send other users of the portal only such information and offers that the company is providing on the service site published on hallo.lv to.
4.10 When receiving any type of requests from visitors, the company shall offer only the services it can provide, and undertake full responsibility for the contents thereof.
4.11 The company shall be allowed to purchase the service “Publish in Additional Category” only and exclusively if it provides the service listed in the additional category on its service site.
4.12 By posting or sending information and/or pictures in the portal hallo.lv, the company shall undertake to follow the generally accepted ethical requirements.
4.13 The company shall undertake not to disclose to any third parties the information regarding the discounts it has received for hallo.lv services.

5. General Terms for Users
5.1 When using hallo.lv, the user's IP address shall be recorded.
5.2 In the portal, it shall be prohibited to perform activities, place or send other portal users such information (including photo, video and audio materials) that:
  5.2.1 Infringes or violates the intellectual property (copyright, etc.) rights of third parties;
  5.2.2 Infringes a person's honor and dignity;
  5.2.3 Promotes violence, race hatred or performance of any other illegal activities;
  5.2.4 Is vulgar, abusive or injurious in any other way;
  5.2.5 Contains computer viruses or is created for the purpose of harming the operation (safety) of a computer or electronic communication software;
  5.2.6 Is an unauthorized advertisement, chain-letters, spam, etc.;
  5.2.7 Is of a pornographic or highly erotic nature, or advertising a video chat or offering a job in a video chat;
  5.2.8 Any other type of information that affects or may affect the portal operation and safety;
  5.2.9 Advertises financial services for which licenses for performing financial services in the Republic of Latvia has not been issued under the procedure of the laws and regulations;
  5.2.10. Advertises or promotes unauthorized competitions, pyramid profit schemes, methods based on seller recruitment;
  5.2.11 Violates the legislation and laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
5.3 By using the portal hallo.lv, the user shall agree to the processing of his/her personal data, including, receiving the data required for providing the service from third parties. All personal data of the users are protected according to the laws and regulations, following the personal data processing and usage principles stipulated in the laws and regulations.

6. Rights and Duties of Hallo.lv
6.1 Hallo.lv shall ensure the service quality to the portal visitors according to the common best practice principles.
6.2 Hallo.lv shall ensure availability of the paid services for the companies registered in the portal. If the service availability is not ensured for more than 5% of the paid service, the company shall be entitled to request hallo.lv to return the money proportionally to the amount of the services not ensured by hallo.lv.
6.3 Hallo.lv shall provide the basic portal information in Latvian, English and Russian. The company publishing the service site shall be responsible for translating the offers placed in the service site profile into English and Russian. 
6.4 The company agrees that hallo.lv shall be entitled to perform identity checks of the company and service site, including checking the data provided by the company in the databases maintained by third parties or receive information about the company from third parties.
6.5 Hallo.lv shall be entitled to edit the contents of the service sites published by the company in order to improve the overall visual and textual layout of the portal.
6.6 Hallo.lv shall be entitled to delete any information that according to its discretion breaks the terms, infringes hallo.lv interests or does not comply with the service purpose.
6.7 Upon establishing any breach of these terms, hallo.lv shall be entitled to correct or delete the information placed by the visitor or company and the respective profile, or give a warning notice to the user who has violated these terms.
6.8 If hallo.lv or a user of the portal publishes any links to third party websites, such links shall not be considered as hallo.lv recommendation of any of the products or services provided in such websites or with the help thereof. Hallo.lv has not verified the fairness, accuracy, credibility, validity, etc. of such website contents, and the user him-/herself shall bear the risk for using such links.

7. Special Responsibility Limitations
7.1 The contents of hallo.lv is provided as it is and as it is available.
7.2 Hallo.lv shall not be responsible for any expenses or losses (direct, indirect, special, consequential, but not limited to financial losses and unearned profit), arising from visiting or using the portal hallo.lv in any way.
7.3 Hallo.lv shall not be responsible for the information and offers posted by the service sites on the portal, or provided, sent or offered to others.
7.4 Hallo.lv shall not be responsible for the offers made by the service sites, issued invoices, as well as mutual obligations of the visitors and service sites undertaken by them when using the portal hallo.lv.
7.5 The entire information available to the visitors and companies of hallo.lv is drawn up and entered by the users themselves; hallo.lv does not perform any automatic information verification with other databases or other sources.
7.6 If the company's access to hallo.lv services is prohibited or restricted, or the company profile is deleted, the subscription fee shall not be refunded if the company repeatedly makes gross violations of the portal rules of use or the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

8. Copyright and Trademarks
8.1 Hallo.lv or third parties who have published information in hallo.lv, if that is clearly indicated, shall reserve the copyright and all the rest intangible rights to the published contents, services and elements used therein.
8.2 All rights are protected in all countries. Partial or complete publishing, multiplication, storage or transfer of the contents is prohibited unless the holder of the copyright or other intellectual property rights has given his/her consent to such activity. This prohibition shall not apply to storing the contents on a computer or printing for personal use. Quoting the contents shall be allowed in compliance with the copyright regulatory legislation. If the contents are quoted the source shall be indicated, yet it shall be prohibited to publish or disseminate any trademarks or logotypes without a prior written consent of the trademark or logotype owners.
8.3 All the creative developments, including design and software code, that can be found in the portal hallo.lv, is the property of Digital World Ltd and is a subject of copyright, as well as is protected under the procedure stipulated in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

9. Cookies
9.1. The porta has cookies - small text files that are stored on your computer's hard drive when you visit hallo.lv portal. The text file contains information that is used to make the portal more convenient.
9.2. If you choose not to accept cookies, you can change your web browser's security settings. Choosing not to allow the independent use of cookies, the user can not fully and/or easily use portal’s offered services.

10. Jurisdiction and Changing of the Terms
10.1 All disputes arising from these terms shall only be settled in the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Latvia.
10.2 Hallo.lv shall be entitled to change these terms at any time under its own discretion, and the changes shall become effective at the moment when they are published in the portal. It shall be the user's responsibility to keep updated on any changes.

Distance Contract

1. This is a Distance contract between Digital World ltd. reg. number 40103854140 and the purchaser of the service (hereinafter referred to as – Company).
2. Portal hallo.lv is maintained and administered by Digital World ltd., PVN reg. number LV40103854140, legal address: Brīvības gatve 234-37, Rīga, LV-1039, e-mail: info@hallo.lv (hereinafter referred to as – hallo.lv).
3. The company has an opportunity to receive hallo.lv offered services after the Company has made a prepayment for the particular service. The description and price of each service are given the portal hallo.lv sections "Add place" and "Company Profile", all prices are given with value added tax.
4. The company has the opportunity to make a payment for the service by selecting one of the  hallo.lv offered online or remote payment methods. The portal hallo.lv provides the Company possibility to use the service after receiving the payment and confirmation.
5. The company is not entitled to use the right of withdrawal that is related to nature of usage of the service, which makes using the right of withdrawal unenforceable.
6. Description of the service on the portal hallo.lv is for information purposes only.
7. Making payment for the service means confirming service ordering fact and irrevocable consent to the hallo.lv Distance contract and Terms.
8. Distance contract and Terms are not stored, they have to be read and confirmed before each payment of the offered service, and they are also available in the portal hallo.lv section "Terms".
9. Distance contract is binding together with other information contained in Portal sections "Terms", "Right of withdrawal", "Privacy policy", "Payment procedure", that is portal hallo.lv Terms and apply from the moment the Company has agreed to the terms of use or has made payment for the service.
10. Digital World ltd. has the right to amend and supplement Distance Contract and Terms at any time in its sole discretion. Changes shall take effect from the moment they are published on the portal hallo.lv.


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2. Portal hallo.lv uses cookies to develop the web sight and make it more friendlier to you. Cookies help us to know and understand your preferences, and to protect your data.